10 Amazing Small Business Ideas for 2018

Being an entrepreneur means that you are your own boss, so, you never have to worry about job security. However, for your venture to succeed over the long haul, you should give importance to your customers and come up with a differentiated value proposition for them to buy your products and services. One great example of a small business idea is selling products for businesses themselves. By providing products that especially cater to small businesses, you’re giving yourself a multitude of opportunities. In developed countries like Hong Kong, a classic example of a hot commodity for small businesses is SAP Hong Kong. It is one of the most popular software for businesses around the world. For other insights, here are 10 small business ideas for you to start in 2018.

Accounting Firm

A lot of businesses hire the services of accounting firms to help them sort and organize their financial statements. These can include handling accounts payable & receivable, billing, payroll, monthly and quarterly taxes, bank transactions, and ledger entries to mention a few. The work of accounting firms can be divided into three areas: audit, tax, and advisory. You can automate this complex job by using accounting software. But before you make a purchase, you must first assess the needs of your firm and the features you want from the program.

Food Trucks

It is one of the fastest growing business ventures nowadays that mostly cater to millennials who like good food and “instagrammable” places to show off in their social media accounts. If you have a truck and startup money, you can easily join the latest hype. Food trucks can carry a number of food but what’s important is to have a niche against competitors. You have to decide on what kind of food you will offer and how you will present it to attract more customers. This is a flexible business that yields quick returns.

Coffee Shops

The hype with coffee is far from over. With millions of coffee drinkers around the world, there’s no wonder why this is a booming industry. Before you open your own coffee shop, you must first study the latest trends that will enable you to gain customers and recognition in the competitive market of coffee-making. Not only do you need delicious beverages in this business, you must also learn how to be creative. There are shops that offer computer rentals, or books that can be read by customers, others call themselves animal cafes. These shops let you pet cats or dogs when you purchase drinks. 4. Body

Decoration Services

Millennials like to express themselves in an artistic manner. Getting a tattoo and having a part of their body pierced is one of them. One of the biggest ways for you to increase revenue is to offer services that compliment your tattoo services. A lot of people are fond of getting inked because they treat it as a form of self-expression, so, if you offer more than just tattoo and piercings, this shows your customers that your venture is able to adjust to the needs of your client base. This is also another way for you to stay ahead of your competition.

Children Services

The number of working parents, including single parents, is rising and there is a growing demand for child-care services like daycares. These can range from small home-based operations to large commercial centers. This investment can be started with just a few hundred dollars and can stay very small but can also be upgraded to a substantial enterprise. This is a flexible business with low-cost start up.

Personal Shopper

Being a personal shopper means you serve clients who are too busy or unable to shop on their own. This is a growing trend especially for people who are always on the go and have a lot on their plate. Your purchases vary on your client. It can be clothes, groceries or other necessary items.

Pet Sitting

If you’re an animal lover, this profession is perfect for you. You get to take care of other people’s pets while they are away, either for a day or even for weeks. The services often offered can vary from walking dogs, to taking them to the vet, cleaning up accidents, changing litter boxes, bringing in mail, watering plants, and taking out trash.

Online Researcher

The internet offers a vast amount of information. However, not a lot of people know how to efficiently navigate through all the data it has. This is why you can create a very successful business as an online researcher. You can help companies or individuals work their way in finding the needle in a haystack of information that can help them be efficient in their chosen industry.

SEO Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is a process where you get traffic from free, organic, and editorial or natural search results on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. This process affects the online visibility of a website that someone is optimizing. You can begin a business with this by helping websites of small businesses have more impact in the online world.

Makeup Artist

If you know how to work with lipsticks, powders, eyeliners, brushes, and shadows, this profession is for you. You can start building your brand by getting hired in events, weddings, birthdays, and many more. Your credibility will be firmly established once you have been hired by a well-known celebrity or a superstar.

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