8 In-Demand Business Ideas for 2017

Being a business owner can be extremely rewarding. You are your own boss which means you have all the freedom to make decisions that are crucial to your business’ success. You run the show and you don’t have to worry about being laid off because you have job security. Having the courage to take a risk and start a venture on something that you are passionate about is surely everyone’s dream.

Owning a small business is a big learning opportunity for anyone as it gives you a lifestyle upgrade. You get to decide when and where you want to work, and given today’s technology, it is relatively easy to do so. More than the financial gain, it creates situations where you improve your understanding and decision-making skills. The business that you will launch can also change the way people live. You might say that this is far-fetched but just look at Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, and the other entrepreneurs who have innovated our way of living.

Here are 8 in-demand business ideas for you to try this 2017:

1. Accounting Services

There are a lot of things that a business owner must take charge of, so, hiring an accounting firm can totally ease the workload. Hiring an accounting firm can help a company handle their financial operations like your payables & receivables; billing, payroll, taxes, bank transactions, budget creation, ledger entries, etc. Together with these tasks, accounting services also give advice on financial strategies. Some even specialize on risk management. However, others prefer to use accounting software like QuickBooks Online (QBO), a cloud-based program that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

2. Employee Monitoring Services

This service allows a company to track employee activities and monitor their work engagement. This will give you a clear insight on their productivity, attendance, and work hours, to ensure your operations’ security. The main intention of this firm is to help companies prevent unacceptable behavior and curtail it before it can have a negative effect on the business. You can use monitoring methods like keystroke logging, wiretapping, GPS, tracking, etc.

3. Ghostwriting/Freelancing

If you love writing and you are good at it, why not do it for a living? Ghostwriting is a job where you write material for a person and he/she is named the author of your work. This is usually in-demand in government offices and companies where they need someone to write speeches for them. Freelancing on the other hand, is very popular among those who want to create their own brand through writing. You can start by making your own blog or website or sending out emails to people who might need a content contributor. This can be considered one of the easiest methods to monetize your writing skills.

4. Social Media Consulting

A social media consultant is the company’s eyes, ears, and voice online. Your main responsibility is to create content, raise brand awareness, deliver traffic to the website, and all in all boost the company’s presence in any social media platform; whilst keeping in mind the business’ reputation. You must thoroughly understand the industry that you are going to penetrate and the specific market that you are targeting for your product.

5. Technical Consulting Services

This is a field of work that focuses on giving organizations advice on how to efficiently use information technology to achieve their goals towards success. This can also be called IT consulting, computer consultancy, technology consulting, and IT advisory. Aside from providing advice, an IT consultant often estimates, manages, implements, deploys, and administers IT systems on behalf of their client.

6. Real Estate

Real estate is one of the most successful and in-demand business nowadays. The need for houses and properties has increased dramatically in the past few years, and this is a good opportunity for you to start your own business. You need to have enough savings to cover your startup costs, which includes buying or renting spaces. You need to have a real estate broker’s license before you can operate. You need to consider zoning restrictions and parking to find the perfect spot for your office. Lastly, you need to make a website, find an independent contractor, and equip your office with agents who are knowledgeable about the real estate market for you to develop a solid clientele.

7. Translation Services

The translation market is getting bigger each day. With the increasing demand of wanting to learn and understand another language, a lot of money can be made. Take for example the people who are avid fans of Korean or Japanese dramas, movies, and music; this group can instantly be your target market. If you know another language, then this business is good for you.

8. Home Healthcare Services

These services focus mainly on providing quality medical care for its clients in the comfort and convenience of their own homes. It is a business that caters mostly to the elderly, or patients who are in sensitive conditions who need the care and assistance of medical professionals. Health agencies usually provide services like nursing, therapy, diet plan management, low vision or visually impaired education, and home care assistance.

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