Search results: “honeywell”

Search results: “honeywell”

  • Deal 12 – Honeywell (PAVA)

    Do not compromise your staff’s safety during emergencies. Get our Basic PAVA Package with FREE CCTV Cameras and Digital Video Recorder (DVR) devices.
  • Deal 8 – Honeywell (CCTV)

    Secure your business with the next-generation surveillance cameras. Don’t miss out the chance to avail an integrated security solution with our CCTV Cameras and Digital Video Recorder Package.
  • Deal 1 – Honeywell (FDAS)

    The holiday season is one of the busiest times of the year; do not compromise your safety from any fire-related incident. Save lives and assets when you avail our Complete Fire Safety Package.
  • Honeywell Manual Call Point

    • Plug-in terminations • Improved aesthetics • Monitored or clean contacts • Anti-tamper features • Interchangeable glass or re-settable elements • Integrated design • Single maintenance
  • Honeywell Smoke & Thermal Detector

    • Advanced protocol and smoothing filter • Optional built-in isolator • Dual integrated LED for 360 visibility • Rotary decade switches • Environment-friendly
  • Honeywell Wall Mount Sounder

    • 32 built-in tones • Anti-tamper features • Lower power requirements • CPD approved • Optional IP65 rating
  • PAVA HAM-2000

    Honeywell’s INTEVIO Public Address and Voice Alarm system is the ideal solution for single buildings. It is an integrated solution that can provide better stability, cost-savings, higher user experience and performance.
  • Retail Security Package

    189,435.32 99,435.32
    Package Inclusions • Essentials Acrylic Dual System • Long Pencil Tag Super • Ultra Tag Basic Detacher • Honeywell CCTV with 2 Dome Camera • K21 Biometric Device