Keep Your Home Safe This Christmas

Keep Your Home Safe This Christmas


No one can deny the festivity during Christmas season, but the saying “open your heart to others” during the holidays should not be an excuse and reason to risk the safety of your home.

The rate of home robbery crime dramatically increases during the month of December. However, there are easy steps to ensure the protection of your humble abode against these crooks. From simple precautions to utilizing security gadgets, here are some techniques to avoid being their next victim.

Stay Offline

Not everything should be shared on your social media accounts – especially your holiday plans. Other burglars tend to scout for prospective victims on social media, and if you share when and where you’re going, you might give them a perfect opportunity to rob your home. Even posting simple pictures of you and your family eating outside can inform thieves that the house is free to break-in.Related image


Install Surveillance Cameras and Alarm Systems

According to studies, surveillance cameras are the biggest deterrent for pre-planned crimes. Visible CCTV camera increases the risk of detection for potential offenders which effectively discourages them to go through with their plan. The police also recommend the use of CCTV Cameras to identify offenders and to increase chances of arresting them.

You can also consider installing motion sensors and intruder alarm systems that emit loud sounds when tripped off. Christmas season is the perfect time for burglars to attack homes, but this is also the perfect time for you to purchase these devices because they are often in SALE and bundled together.

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Avoid Having Window and Door Gaps

If you cannot resist decorating the outside of your home with Christmas lights, make sure that the electrical cords have a secured pathway. Do not run them through windows or door gaps because a small crack can be big enough for offenders to pry open and enter your home.

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Keep Gifts Out Of Sight

Visible gifts outside the window are a welcome sight for burglars to size up your home and be tempted to commit robbery. Even though it is not your intention, it is wiser to just place any gifts out of sight to decrease the possibility of a break-in.

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Create the Disguise That Someone Is at Home

If you are going away during Christmas, make sure your home does not scream “no one is home”. Turn on the light at the front door, the kitchen, and turn on any appliances like TV and radio to make it look like someone is staying there.

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Lock and Secure Your Keys

Whether you are celebrating at home or outside, always double-check that all your windows and doors are locked. Otherwise, it is no different than welcoming burglars with open arms. If you are going out, make sure not to leave spare keys.

From the twinkling colorful lights on the Christmas tree to tooth-aching desserts on Christmas Eve, this jolly season of Christmas is something you really cannot miss – but make sure that that is the only thing you welcome this holiday. Follow these simple steps and celebrate Christmas with peace of mind.

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5 Ways to Make Schools Safer With Security Technology

Providing a safe learning environment for young people can be a daunting task for teachers, counselors, and school administrators. When dealing with the issue of all academic facilities secure, and not just the classrooms, school heads usually turns to technology to help them out.

Here are 5 ways to make schools safer with security technology:

Install CCTV Systems

CCTVs have become increasingly popular in business establishments and educational facilities. The device enables teachers and administrators to effectively monitor students while they are inside school premises. It can also prevent building infrastructure assets and learning tools from being lost or taken. When you have a surveillance system installed within your institution, you know you’re protected.

Invest in Fire Alarm Systems

One way to help ensure the safety of the whole school population is through having a fire alarm system. This will alert everyone during emergencies, therefore allowing the people in charge to act immediately. If you already have a fire alarm system installed, you should hold regular fire drills to see if it’s functioning properly. It’s also advisable to have those drills conducted on planned and unplanned instances.

Make Clear Announcements

Sound systems are designed to make sure that everyone inside the school premises can hear an announcement loud and clear. A Public Address and Voice Alarm (PAVA) System is a critical tool for any institution to relay alerts and messages effectively. You can place these in classrooms, corridors, auditorium, cafeteria, and other common areas within the school.

Give Importance to Entrances

Your first line of defense against threat to students, teachers, and school personnel is your entrance. Protecting education facilities can be incredibly complex; therefore having a secured point of entry for everyone can prevent unauthorized people from getting in. You can install high-quality turnstiles and walkthrough metal detectors to stop an intruder’s ability to enter.

Manage Your Inventory

The library is a place where students have access to a variety of books that can help them in their studies. A school library serves as the center where materials used in lectures can be borrowed from. This is one of the main reasons why you should take extra measures when it comes to securing your inventory. You can install Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) pedestals and attach tags to books to properly monitor your items.

10 Amazing Small Business Ideas for 2018

Being an entrepreneur means that you are your own boss, so, you never have to worry about job security. However, for your venture to succeed over the long haul, you should give importance to your customers and come up with a differentiated value proposition for them to buy your products and services. One great example of a small business idea is selling products for businesses themselves. By providing products that especially cater to small businesses, you’re giving yourself a multitude of opportunities. In developed countries like Hong Kong, a classic example of a hot commodity for small businesses is SAP Hong Kong. It is one of the most popular software for businesses around the world. For other insights, here are 10 small business ideas for you to start in 2018.

Accounting Firm

A lot of businesses hire the services of accounting firms to help them sort and organize their financial statements. These can include handling accounts payable & receivable, billing, payroll, monthly and quarterly taxes, bank transactions, and ledger entries to mention a few. The work of accounting firms can be divided into three areas: audit, tax, and advisory. You can automate this complex job by using accounting software. But before you make a purchase, you must first assess the needs of your firm and the features you want from the program.

Food Trucks

It is one of the fastest growing business ventures nowadays that mostly cater to millennials who like good food and “instagrammable” places to show off in their social media accounts. If you have a truck and startup money, you can easily join the latest hype. Food trucks can carry a number of food but what’s important is to have a niche against competitors. You have to decide on what kind of food you will offer and how you will present it to attract more customers. This is a flexible business that yields quick returns.

Coffee Shops

The hype with coffee is far from over. With millions of coffee drinkers around the world, there’s no wonder why this is a booming industry. Before you open your own coffee shop, you must first study the latest trends that will enable you to gain customers and recognition in the competitive market of coffee-making. Not only do you need delicious beverages in this business, you must also learn how to be creative. There are shops that offer computer rentals, or books that can be read by customers, others call themselves animal cafes. These shops let you pet cats or dogs when you purchase drinks. 4. Body

Decoration Services

Millennials like to express themselves in an artistic manner. Getting a tattoo and having a part of their body pierced is one of them. One of the biggest ways for you to increase revenue is to offer services that compliment your tattoo services. A lot of people are fond of getting inked because they treat it as a form of self-expression, so, if you offer more than just tattoo and piercings, this shows your customers that your venture is able to adjust to the needs of your client base. This is also another way for you to stay ahead of your competition.

Children Services

The number of working parents, including single parents, is rising and there is a growing demand for child-care services like daycares. These can range from small home-based operations to large commercial centers. This investment can be started with just a few hundred dollars and can stay very small but can also be upgraded to a substantial enterprise. This is a flexible business with low-cost start up.

Personal Shopper

Being a personal shopper means you serve clients who are too busy or unable to shop on their own. This is a growing trend especially for people who are always on the go and have a lot on their plate. Your purchases vary on your client. It can be clothes, groceries or other necessary items.

Pet Sitting

If you’re an animal lover, this profession is perfect for you. You get to take care of other people’s pets while they are away, either for a day or even for weeks. The services often offered can vary from walking dogs, to taking them to the vet, cleaning up accidents, changing litter boxes, bringing in mail, watering plants, and taking out trash.

Online Researcher

The internet offers a vast amount of information. However, not a lot of people know how to efficiently navigate through all the data it has. This is why you can create a very successful business as an online researcher. You can help companies or individuals work their way in finding the needle in a haystack of information that can help them be efficient in their chosen industry.

SEO Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is a process where you get traffic from free, organic, and editorial or natural search results on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. This process affects the online visibility of a website that someone is optimizing. You can begin a business with this by helping websites of small businesses have more impact in the online world.

Makeup Artist

If you know how to work with lipsticks, powders, eyeliners, brushes, and shadows, this profession is for you. You can start building your brand by getting hired in events, weddings, birthdays, and many more. Your credibility will be firmly established once you have been hired by a well-known celebrity or a superstar.

Four Ways to Prepare Your Business for Christmas

The days leading up to Christmas and New Year are one of the busiest times of the year. This is a perfect opportunity for small businesses to increase their revenue because it brings an overwhelming demand from consumers. However, there are a lot of companies that will take advantage of the holiday rush. Here are 4 ways to prepare your business to stay ahead of competition.

1. Track Inventory

You need to start with your inventory because your profit depends on what you are able to offer your customer. You need to check on what products needs to be restocked and assess your inventory for items that can be put on sale. Running out of goods to put on sale is as bad as ordering too much. The demand is definitely high but having shelves stocked with products that are not moving is a loss. This task can be time-consuming, so, software like SAP and MYOB are being used by business owners to have a crystal clear view of their warehouse stocks and streamline their processes.

2. Develop an Effective Marketing Strategy

Strategizing in anticipation for this time of the year is a great idea for any business. You need to do something different, for you to get the attention of your customers. You can start by wishing your existing clients Happy Holidays. By doing so you are showing them your appreciation while reminding them about your services. You should also make sure that your website, content, and SEO are implemented wisely to handle web traffic efficiently.

3. Set Your Payment Systems

A lot of your customers may choose to pay with card rather than cash. You may want to consider having payment methods available both in your physical store and website. This extra assistance will enable you to cater to all your customers faster and can make taking and analyzing of payments easier.

4. Prepare For Customers Wanting a Refund

If your store is frequented by people buying presents for their loved ones, you may encounter customers coming back and asking for refunds. Now, this is situation is very common at any store and sometimes clients come back and try to cheat owners through refunds. This can be avoided if you keep a copy of all transaction receipts and file them securely. You should also check your refund limits and the settings on your payment device.

5 Benefits of Having QuickBooks Online for Your Business

Small business owners are always on the hunt for cost-effective solutions to their problems. Given the fact that these businesses are still growing, money is very important to them. They take the extra step in making sure that their accounting and financial operations are on track, and they have full control of cash that flows in and out of their company. QuickBooks Online (QBO) is one of the most affordable accounting solutions there is in the market. It is used by millions of people worldwide, and here are 5 examples of its benefit to business owners.

1. Boosts Workforce Collaboration

QuickBooks Online offers access to you and your employees because the software is web-based and uses cloud technology. This enables you to share files, so, everyone can be in the loop on the latest event and progress in the company.

2. Safe and Secure Data

QBO utilizes cloud technology. This feature makes your data available anytime, anywhere, as long as there is an internet connection present. The chances of losing important information are also lessened because QBO has a security system like the ones used by the leading banks of the world. Your files are safe and secure with QuickBooks Online.

3. Automatic Updates

Unlike desktop packages that need to be manually checked and updated every now and then, QuickBooks Online is automatically updated for you to experience its latest improvements. Installing the latest version is of vital importance because it prevents bugs and it helps your software operate with full functionality.

4. Eliminate Additional Expenses

When connecting to financial institutions like banks, accounting software usually charge money. But QuickBooks Online does this for you for free instead of paying monthly fees. This is beneficial for small business owners that want to save while organizing their finances.

5. Increases Efficiency

Leave the busywork to QuickBooks Online because all your business operations are now automated. Stay on top of your clients’ demands and needs for better customer support and profitability. Get more work done and increase efficiency with more advantages offered by QBO.

3 Small Business Ideas for Millennials in 2018

Every day there are new opportunities to help the market build a new source of innovation for the public. If you think all business ideas have already been taken by Generation X, you are wrong. There are a lot of new business ventures that millennials can do.

Millennials tend to experiment on cool and in-demand things like being an online one-stop shop of all things that are currently popular. They often focus on finding a solution to the consumer’s problems despite their generation facing financial barriers due to higher student loan debt and lower starting wages compared to their predecessors.

Here are 3 small business ideas for millenials this 2017:

1. Social Media Coaching or Training

In this generation where everyone seems to have a social media account, it would not come as a big surprise that majority of social media users make it a platform to launch their business. However, not all of them know how to utilize these sites to their full advantage. So, if you are a social media savvy individual, this is a perfect start-up for you. You can turn your skills into a business by teaching individuals how to use digital tools to stay relevant in the market.

2. Delivery Services

It seems that if given the opportunity, people will pay to have just about anything done for them. People are working harder than before and this results in them having not enough time to pick up the laundry or bring a takeout to work. This is when delivery services can be considered necessities. Now, people can have everything delivered to their doorstep in a matter of hours or days.

3. Nonprofit Organizations

This business is a good match for socially conscious people. A lot of millennials say that a job would be more fulfilling if they can make a positive impact on social and environmental issues. You can diversify its income through fundraisings for a cause, public relations and marketing. This business connects people and situations to another level.

8 In-Demand Business Ideas for 2017

Being a business owner can be extremely rewarding. You are your own boss which means you have all the freedom to make decisions that are crucial to your business’ success. You run the show and you don’t have to worry about being laid off because you have job security. Having the courage to take a risk and start a venture on something that you are passionate about is surely everyone’s dream.

Owning a small business is a big learning opportunity for anyone as it gives you a lifestyle upgrade. You get to decide when and where you want to work, and given today’s technology, it is relatively easy to do so. More than the financial gain, it creates situations where you improve your understanding and decision-making skills. The business that you will launch can also change the way people live. You might say that this is far-fetched but just look at Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, and the other entrepreneurs who have innovated our way of living.

Here are 8 in-demand business ideas for you to try this 2017:

1. Accounting Services

There are a lot of things that a business owner must take charge of, so, hiring an accounting firm can totally ease the workload. Hiring an accounting firm can help a company handle their financial operations like your payables & receivables; billing, payroll, taxes, bank transactions, budget creation, ledger entries, etc. Together with these tasks, accounting services also give advice on financial strategies. Some even specialize on risk management. However, others prefer to use accounting software like QuickBooks Online (QBO), a cloud-based program that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

2. Employee Monitoring Services

This service allows a company to track employee activities and monitor their work engagement. This will give you a clear insight on their productivity, attendance, and work hours, to ensure your operations’ security. The main intention of this firm is to help companies prevent unacceptable behavior and curtail it before it can have a negative effect on the business. You can use monitoring methods like keystroke logging, wiretapping, GPS, tracking, etc.

3. Ghostwriting/Freelancing

If you love writing and you are good at it, why not do it for a living? Ghostwriting is a job where you write material for a person and he/she is named the author of your work. This is usually in-demand in government offices and companies where they need someone to write speeches for them. Freelancing on the other hand, is very popular among those who want to create their own brand through writing. You can start by making your own blog or website or sending out emails to people who might need a content contributor. This can be considered one of the easiest methods to monetize your writing skills.

4. Social Media Consulting

A social media consultant is the company’s eyes, ears, and voice online. Your main responsibility is to create content, raise brand awareness, deliver traffic to the website, and all in all boost the company’s presence in any social media platform; whilst keeping in mind the business’ reputation. You must thoroughly understand the industry that you are going to penetrate and the specific market that you are targeting for your product.

5. Technical Consulting Services

This is a field of work that focuses on giving organizations advice on how to efficiently use information technology to achieve their goals towards success. This can also be called IT consulting, computer consultancy, technology consulting, and IT advisory. Aside from providing advice, an IT consultant often estimates, manages, implements, deploys, and administers IT systems on behalf of their client.

6. Real Estate

Real estate is one of the most successful and in-demand business nowadays. The need for houses and properties has increased dramatically in the past few years, and this is a good opportunity for you to start your own business. You need to have enough savings to cover your startup costs, which includes buying or renting spaces. You need to have a real estate broker’s license before you can operate. You need to consider zoning restrictions and parking to find the perfect spot for your office. Lastly, you need to make a website, find an independent contractor, and equip your office with agents who are knowledgeable about the real estate market for you to develop a solid clientele.

7. Translation Services

The translation market is getting bigger each day. With the increasing demand of wanting to learn and understand another language, a lot of money can be made. Take for example the people who are avid fans of Korean or Japanese dramas, movies, and music; this group can instantly be your target market. If you know another language, then this business is good for you.

8. Home Healthcare Services

These services focus mainly on providing quality medical care for its clients in the comfort and convenience of their own homes. It is a business that caters mostly to the elderly, or patients who are in sensitive conditions who need the care and assistance of medical professionals. Health agencies usually provide services like nursing, therapy, diet plan management, low vision or visually impaired education, and home care assistance.

New Ideas to Inspire You to Start a Business

A small bit of inspiration can go a long way. Whether it’s inspiration to write a book, or to start your own small business, you need something that will positively impact your vision.

If you’re planning on starting your own business, you need something that will get you going. More than capital, you should have confidence in what you’re going to build. Not exactly an empire (yet), like one-stop shop 7-Eleven, but you need to trust your instinct and stick to your plan, that way, you channel a positive vibe from the get-go.

If you’re having trouble with where to begin

Start from scratch if you have to. Ideas can come from anywhere – a TV ad, a signage you saw on the street, or even an idea you thought by chance. Write all your ideas so you don’t miss anything with potential. Make a list containing important details and even the small stuff; random things you thought of that might potentially help you. To serve as your guide, here are a few fresh business ideas that you may consider doing:

1. Guilt-free Fast Food.

In the United States, there are food trucks that offer healthy dishes over the counter. Since millenials are more health and calorie conscious, this option is great especially if you have culinary background.

2. E-commerce Consulting.

Understandably, because of the growing number of online shoppers worldwide, the need for advisers and experts also arise. If marketing and e-commerce are your strengths, you might want to try this business.

3. Eco-friendly Business.

We’re all about saving mother earth but the effort’s not enough. If you’re into conservation and preservation, this is one industry you might want to consider getting into.

4. Breakup Business.

Breakups are never easy. If you’re creative and if you’ve been around the block, you’ll know where to begin. Think of ideas that can motivate clients and help them move on and forget.

One-Stop Shop Businesses Philippines

Mustard Seed Systems Corporation (MSSC) is a one-stop shop of world-class brands and solutions for Small and Midsize Businesses and industries in the Philippines. During its first few years, the company offered Australian accounting software, MYOB. The same year it was incepted in 1999, MSSC President Dean Go, designed payroll software Payroll Pro, which eventually became one of Mustard Seed’s most popular products.

The diversity and number of solutions that MSSC offers, make it stand out among its competitors. Currently, the company offers 8 main solutions categories namely:

Accounting & Inventory

Information Technology

Building Security

Human Resource Management

Retail Security & POS

Education Technology

Office Furniture

Office Machines

  • Cheque Writer
  • Money Counter
  • Printers
  • Projectors
  • Shredders

Tips before Buying Biometric Devices in the Philippines

With advancements in technology and the increasing concern for safety, the trend of using biometric devices continues to grow. The need to provide secured access to physical assets has made these tools in demand.

Nowadays, entrepreneurs install biometric devices to monitor the working hours of their employees and to try to keep unauthorized persons inside the premises. Biometric devices often use fingerprinting technology because it looks for unique patterns and ridges on each fingerprint, helping identify individuals from the population. Others use face recognition, while some are still stuck in using passwords or pins. This is risky since these combinations of numbers and letters can be stolen and are vulnerable to hackers. Furthermore, the cost of maintaining these token-based systems consumes time, is very inefficient, and can reduce employee productivity.

In this modern time, companies need to be adaptive, flexible, and quick on their feet to be able to survive the competitive environment. A biometric device has a number of benefits that can be enjoyed by an organization. This is an evolving technology that has changed the way businesses operate.

However, before purchasing a time and attendance device, you must know why you need one and where you would use it. There are a lot of biometric devices in the market and it can be confusing and difficult to choose the right one for your business. Some experts highlighted that these are the things that you should look out for:

  • Flexible time-tracking options
  • Accurate time-keeping
  • Tracks issues all the time
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Ease of use
  • Integration options
  • Proactive alerts
  • Audit trail features

There are multiple local and multinational manufacturers and companies that offer time and attendance solutions. The biometric devices offered by Mustard Seed Systems Corporation are one of the most reliable, affordable, and innovative devices in the market.