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The founder of ADDASOUND is a reputable Danish team with strong expertise in electro-acoustics, whose members built international reputation through developing and designing many award winning products. In Denmark, ADDASOUND is equipped with the world’s most advanced electro acoustic devices, providing powerful support for products’ design, development, and testing.

Headset for Speech Recognition
Speech recognition and dictation are the trend in business, medical industry, law firms, financial services and other industries which require voice recognition technology to work more easily and efficiently.

Addasound Crystal SR2821 always keeps pace with the fast development of speech recognition industry to provide headsets that meet the special requirement of professional users: clear, precise and focused. Our professional noise cancelling technology, Nordic acoustic engineering and ergonomic design for durable use make sure accurate audio performance and excellent voice communications in the office and noisy environments.

Accurate Speech Recognition

  • Noise cancelling microphone filters out background noise for accurate audio performance
  • Wideband audio processing ensures natural sound transmission
  • 112dB maximum volume control protects your hearing under intensive usage

Wearing Comfort

  • Protein ear cushions make sure best comfort for durable uses
  • Adjustable headband, ear cap and microphone boom specifically to meet different wearing habits
  • Lightweight design minimizes the burden of all-day wearing


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