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Supercharge your MYOB data with email report notifications, alerts, data visualisations and dashboards. Instantly transform your MYOB data into powerful, dynamic, multidimensional reports and dashboards for better business decision making.

Some of the benefits you will get from using BI4MYOB Lite Edition

  • Create rich Visualisations and interactive Dashboards including Annotated Times Lines, Area Charts, Gauges, Bar Charts, Line Charts, Geo Charts (heat maps), Motion Charts, Pie Charts, Scatter Charts, Table Charts and more (internet connection required)
  • Pre built reports for Jobs, Profit & Loss, Accounts Payable, Account Receivable, Sales, Inventory and Purchasing
  • Create your own reports by changing columns, sorting and totalling
  • Analyse, Chart, Pivot, Compare and drill-down
  • Analyse data individually from multiple Company Files (licensed in blocks of five)
  • Change report dimensions, chart types, date ranges, sorting, grouping, view top/bottom and filters
  • Print reports to your local printer or PDF writer application
  • Save new reports as Favorites to expand your report library
  • Maintain users and report security
  • Export reports to Excel and CSV
  • Share Favorite Reports with other BI users
  • Setup Favorite Reports to be scheduled for automatic delivery via email daily, weekly and monthly
  • Set Alerts and Exception Reporting
  • Send reports via email in HTML, Excel, CSV and graphical formats


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