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Clear. Concise. Coordinated.

During a crisis nothing is more important than information: what it comprises; how it’s presented; when it’s delivered; and, who gets it. Painful lessons have taught that poorly managed information can be even more deadly than no information at all. That’s why clear, concise, and coordinated data is critical for effective life safety incident response, and why Site Monitor can help make your facilities safer.

Site Monitor presents real-time and archived messages in an intuitive and highly understandable format by organizing the screen into visually distinct, yet coordinated display areas. Each display area is structured for at-a-glance access to increasingly detailed levels of information. Each incident within them is automatically color-coded and organized by priority from Alarms and Supervisory to Monitor and Trouble incidents.

Two versions of Site Monitor are available: one with graphic capability for displaying locations by map or photo; while the other version is text-based and has no graphics capabilities. Either version will receive status information streaming from up to 1,000 VS control panels via TCP/IP over a supervised LAN/WAN connection, while up to eight Site Monitor installations can be configured to receive information from a single control panel.

In addition to on-site fire alarm system monitoring, Site Monitor can also forward email alerts via SMTP whenever a specified incident occurs. For example, one group of people may receive an automated email message whenever an Alarm or Monitor incident occurs, while another group of people may receive a message whenever a Trouble or Supervisory incident occurs at a specific location. This ensures that the right people are notified at the right time, and that the fire alarm system performs optimally at all times.

A Site Monitor version to suit the needs of your facility

The VSM Graphic Version shows active incidents on a graphic, which may include aerial photos, facility plans, or floorplans in standard nonproprietary formats. Users may select highlighted “hot” areas to call up greater detail on the zone or incident of interest.

The VSM Text-based Version includes all the features of the graphic-based one, but without the plan view. Both versions organize incidents by priority and color code them by type. Tabs keep the display simple and uncluttered, while indicators remain in view at all times.

Incident status monitoring for up to 1,000 VS Fire Alarm
Generate custom history reports for a single location or enterprise-wide across multiple sites


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