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Quick Overview

Simply a smarter way to run your business

ABSS BusinessBasics is all you need to begin managing your business like a financial expert – no accounting or computing experience required. Enjoy the benefits of this business management program that simplifies your processes, streamlines data entries, manages your business and frees up your time to focus on running on it. This is the ideal and complete software solution for handling accounting and financials. With ABSS BusinessBasics, you can process Sales and Purchases, Track Receivables and Payables, and email quotes and invoices. With its powerful inventory management system, you’re always updated on what items need to be stocked up.

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Integrated accounting and inventory management software is ideal for owner operators who want to improve inventory management and better manage customer and supplier relationships, and also require advanced business reporting. ABSS Accounting avoids accounting jargon and is easy to use. Its award winning design guides you through the automation of your accounts, making it easy to track all your accounting data.

Some of the benefits you will get from using ABSS BusinessBasic

  • Analyse your business in more than 160 ways
  • Keep track of your inventory effectively: You can easily reconcile your inventory balance at any time. You can also create instant purchase orders for backordered items (ABSS Accounting will fill in the primary supplier and the last price paid for you.)
  • Saves time and cost by emailing your invoice, statements and quotes
    Manage all your sales and purchases systems with minimal internal change:
  • Our functions are flexible and easy to use, so you can adapt them to the way your business works.
    Access contact information instantly:
  • Store your entire customer, supplier, employee and personal contact information in the easy-to-access Card File. Generate current and future budgets:
  • Project and plan for the future success of your business.