Acer Academy

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Quick Overview

Acer Academy enables institutions to assemble a suite of hardware and applications that best serve their system of education – from desktops, notebooks, tablets and projectors.

  • Desktop – This is where the teacher stores her students’ files like grade sheets, attendance records and other visual materials
  • Notebook – Where students do their seatwork, answer online quizzes and write important notes
  • Tablet – Used whenever the teacher needs to go around the class and ask her questions to her students during recitation
  • Projector – Learning becomes more convenient when reference materials are shown in full color and crisp detail


Education Solution
Creating innovative technology for the classroom, Acer helps students explore beyond limits with new avenues of communication and interaction. Empowering educators to keep pace with today’s high-tech world, our trusted solutions are easy to use for teachers and students alike. Explore the computing solutions we created for Education.

IT Infrastructure
Acer offers a new way to interact in class and completely innovative system for content exchange between teacher and student. Using the PC catches the attention and encourage the involvement of the students, now accustomed to the use of technological tools; at the same time it helps teachers when they present new educational topics.

Digital Classroom
Acer’s mission is to provide to the education environment the digital framework to enable a new way of interaction.