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Education Solution
Creating innovative technology for the classroom, Acer helps students explore beyond limits with new avenues of communication and interaction. Empowering educators to keep pace with today’s high-tech world, our trusted solutions are easy to use for teachers and students alike. Explore the computing solutions we created for Education.

IT Infrastructure
Acer offers a new way to interact in class and completely innovative system for content exchange between teacher and student. Using the PC catches the attention and encourage the involvement of the students, now accustomed to the use of technological tools; at the same time it helps teachers when they present new educational topics.

Digital Classroom
Acer’s mission is to provide to the education environment the digital framework to enable a new way of interaction.
Solutions made for everyone
At Acer, we understand the challenges faced by educators and students; this is why we are able to help you in deciding the perfect assembly of hardware and technology your school essentially needs.

Today’s generation of students has new ways of communicating and interacting, the tools that they need must be suited to their lifestyles and communication needs; they must be flexible, dynamic, easy-to-use, comfortable, practical, and equipped with the latest and most popular technology.
Students Ask for Acer Provides
Lightweight and Portable Thin & light notebooks under 2kg; Tablets come handy in less than 500grams
Long battery life 8+ hours battery life in selected models and Up to 9 hours for selected tablet models
Cool design Trendy, modern and fashionable designs
Reliability and Performance Equipped with the latest Intel© processor technology
Clear and crisp graphics quality Using Intel© high definition graphics and sports with Acer CineCrystal™ LED technology
Internet Connectivity WiFi CERTIFIED™ and can easily connect to hotspots
Value Added Softwares Acer Classroom Manager for notebooks and Google Apps for tablets making things easier

Acer’s goal is to support teachers looking to introduce new technological instruments into their teaching methods; tools that will make school subjects increasingly stimulating and interactive.
Teachers Ask for Acer Provides
Interactive Classroom set-up Solid and reliable hardware such as desktops, notebooks coupled with projectors for interactive visual aids
Access to learning tools and software Industry partners such as Microsoft offers learning template; Acer has Classroom Manager for easy management
Fast performing applications Microsoft offers applications that can help teaching support easy and manageable

How young people approach today is a factor that parents must deal with on a daily basis. This is why the use of specific, durable, and affordable technological instruments can help parents interact with their children, whether they are accessing content or simply spending time together.
Parents Ask For Acer Provides
Fewer non-warranty repairs Acer’s robust and reliable form factor design reduces the breakage incidents
24/7 Hassle-free Customer Service Support Acer Service Center offers reliable customer service and technical support
Value for Money Notebooks and tablets offered by Acer are affordable and budget-friendly without compromising quality and performance

IT Administrators must choose correctly and implement new technologies to ensure more satisfactory qualitative and developmental results in line with the investment made. Acer keeps international standards in mind, developing products that are increasingly “green”, both in terms of energy saving design and harmless components.
IT Teams Ask for Acer Provides
Reliable Hardware Acer’s product line are reliable in terms of chassis and form-factor design which are made from high-quality industry-passed materials
Easy to configure Specifications of Desktops and notebooks can be configured by Acer based on the school’s requirement
Flexible Service Option Fast turn-around time with Acer SuperCare warranty from Acer Service Center
Vendor reliability Dependable service and established track record of Acer in multi-level schools nationwide

In choosing a technology partner, it is important to rely on a market leader. Acer’s products are simple to install, easy to use, durable and are the result of intensive research and development. School Administrators will have lesser concerns on the IT infrastructure of their school powered by Acer.
Administrators Ask for Acer Provides
“Green” Solutions Acer’s products are created with energy-saving design and with harmless, environment-friendly components
Dependable Channel Partner Acer has dedicated Education teams from Vendor to Channel Partner to ensure that your school requirements are met
The Digital Classroom Framework
Acer’s mission is to provide to the education environment the digital framework to enable a new way of interaction.
Digital Learning refers to creating real-world 21st century learning environments that break through conventional barriers- an approach that combines the best of traditional classroom teaching with digital learning tools and methods to make learning more fun and improve academic results.

To create a digital classroom framework, Acer provides a suite of products and services to serve the education community, from portable devices (netbooks, tablets, notebooks) to facilitate intelligent classrooms and mobile learning, to fixed solutions (desktops, displays, projector and server systems) designed to provide reliable classroom solutions.

Here’s our take on what a Digital Classroom will look like:


  • Desktop: This is where the Teacher stores her student files like grade sheets, attendance records and other visual materials.
  • Notebook: These where the students do their seatwork, answer online quizzes and take down important notes.
  • Tablet: Whenever the Teacher needs to go around the class and ask each student during recitation.
  • Projector: Learning is more convenient and easy if reference materials are shown in full color and crisp detail.