Addressable Fire Alarm System Package

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Quick Overview

Package Inclusions
• DXc1 One Loop Fire Alarm Control Panel
• Smoke detector with sensor mounting base
• Manual Call Point
• Addressable Wall Mount Sounder + Strobe



  • Display – 6×40 character (240×64 pixels) blue liquid crystal display with backlight illumination
  • Control Keys – Evacuate, Silence/Resound, Mute Buzzer, Extend Delay, System Reset, Show Alarm Zones
  • Programmable Keys – 2 independent programmable function keys and LED indicators
  • Programming Keys – 12 button alpha numeric keypad, cancel and return keys plus 4 navigation keys and an OK key
  • Indicators – Fire, Fault, Disablement, Test, Buzzer Muted, Delayed Mode, Sounders Silenced, Sounders Disabled and Power. Also dedicated fault LEDs for System Fault, Supply Fault and Earth Fault. 40, 80 or 160 LED fire zone indicators optional

  • Network up to 16 loops (16×1 loop panels, 8×2 loop panels, 4×4 loop panels or any mix up to max 16 loops)
  • True peer-to-peer and fault tolerant network for high system reliability
  • BS5839 part 1 compliant network

  • Disable all relays
  • Optional 40, 80 or 160 zone alarm LEDs
  • Easy 5 key-press set-up
  • Large blue LCD display
  • Supports USB upload/download
  • Alpha-numeric style keypad and navigation keys
  • Option to upload a company logo
  • 160 zone compact mimic support
  • Panel buzzer ‘mute’ in engineering mode
  • Up to 72 hour standby

  • PC configuration software (supplied with panel)
  • 80 fire zones (can be used with or without LEDs)
  • 7 day timers
  • Event logging
  • Onboard diagnostics
  • Class change function
  • Coincidence and verification detection for false alarm management
  • Sensitivity adjustment e.g. between day and night
  • Input/output logic
  • Enhanced zone support up to 160 LEDs
  • Type B dependency
  • Alternative zone referencing scheme

  • Battery backed real-time clock (2 & 4 loop)
  • 2 independent sounder circuits
  • 500mA multi-protocol loop driver
  • 2x onboard monitored inputs
  • Optional programmable key switch for selected functions
  • Plug-in connectors


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