Authenticate Verification Software

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Quick Overview

Authenticate is a tool that lets you put a QR code on documents that can be accessed and viewed using a common smartphone. This program makes sure that all legal papers passed and released by your institution are authentic, helping the credibility of your institution.


In today’s world, it is easy to buy a degree of any educational institute, fake an identification certificate or counterfeit a document. This ‘business’ of counterfeit documents is more widespread than one can imagine. It is a multi-billion dollar industry across the globe.

Fake degrees and certificates result in wrong people in important positions, depriving deserving candidates from getting jobs and ruining the reputation of colleges, organizations and even countries. Similarly fake documents can even pose a serious threat to security of the citizens of a country. There is a chance that a child’s doctor or someone’s next flight’s pilot has a bogus degree. Authenticate addresses this problem.

There are 2 components of Authenticate:

  • Generator – Authenticate’s “Generator” is the software that generates a highly secure two-dimensional barcode which the organizations and educational institutions print on their documents. This unique barcode contains essential data from the document in a highly encrypted form.
  • Validator – Authenticate’s “Validator” resides on the smart phone of the person who needs to validate the authenticity of the document which has the barcode from Generator. The smart phone scans the barcode using Validator and the data is decoded and displayed on the phone’s screen. Validator is available free of cost. It is supported on common platforms of iOS and Android and runs even without an internet connection on the phone.

Advantages of Authenticate

  • NO centralized or local database to maintain
  • NO infrastructure required to maintain verification
  • NO connectivity required for verification
  • NO tampering of non-replicable 2D barcode
  • NO reliance on private vendor
  • NO business impersonation possible
  • NO weak links in the process due to high simplicity



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