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Integrated endpoint security, Internet security and system management solutions


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Kaspersky Lab offers consumer security products, such as anti-virus, anti-malware and firewall applications, in addition to security systems designed for small business, corporations and large enterprises. Corporate solutions include protection for workstations, file servers, mail servers, payment gateways, banking servers, mobile devices, and internet gateways,[3] managed through a centralized Administration Kit. These applications are also available in bundled security suites,[4] scaled to fit the requirements of organizations of varying sizes.

Premium protection for your PC

  • Protects against Internet threats
  • Safeguards your privacy & identity
  • Secures online banking & shopping
  • Defends kids against Internet risks
  • Secures without slowing you down
  • Simplifies security management
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Rigorous protection technologies
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Optimized for efficiency
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Easy-to-manage security
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Identity protection & more
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Security for online banking & shopping
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Protection against online risks
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Security for multiple devices
Secure storage & synchronization
Protection for photos, music & more
Every system is prone to virus and you will come across different types of antivirus which can be used to fight against virus as well as worms but not a single one is effective. So to solve your problem you can try Kaspersky Antivirus which is able to clear all errors of your system. All you have to do is to scan your computer through it and if there are any viruses it will show you and then you can heal it automatically. Thus in this way your system will be free from virus. Apart from scanning the entire system you can even scan various drives if you find that there is any unwanted program in it.

The main advantages of Kaspersky Anti-Virus are its exceptional level of virus detection and high-speed scanning, easily distinguishing it from its competitors and garnering victory, offer a high level of virus detection and deletion, allowing each user to choose his/her appropriate anti-virus defence. Some other advantages of using Kaspersky anti-virus program is: the update always up-to-date, it has user friendly interface and good graphical view, proactive defence component is the main advantage of this program made to analyze the behaviour of installed program, to monitor changes in the system registry, tracking macros, and prevent from the hidden threats. Kaspersky not only protect your computer from viruses, but also from the network, like prevent adware, spywares, and prevent viruses spreading from e-mail attachments and so on.

Detection & Removal Tools

Although it is the entry-level Kaspersky security product, Kaspersky Anti-Virus has more features than some others in its product category. In addition to excellent virus protection, Kaspersky includes antiphishing. It scans emails and instant messages to ensure nothing is tacked on that may infect your computer.

It also automatically scans USB drives for another layer of computer protection. It also has the nifty gaming mode, which ensures the software doesn’t interrupt or slow down your games or videos.

Even if your computer is already infected with a virus, Kaspersky isolates the threat and destroys it. It then automatically recovers your system from any damage it may have received during the threat. A rescue CD is available in the event your computer is so badly infected that it needs to be reset with some assistance.


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