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Make faster, better decisions.

Maringo is an integrated ERP and Project Management Solution that helps entrepreneurs control projects completely – from calculation, resource management, purchasing and time tracking, to billing; all data are kept in one system.

  • Costing
  • Planning
  • Purchasing
  • Time & Travel Expenses
  • Real-time Reports
  • Service Operation
  • Real-time Reports
  • Service Operation


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Maringo integrated Project Management software provides one single database software solutions and the world’s third largest independent software to manage data, from Financials, Human Resources, Project Management, Consulting and Development to Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Maringo is not only easy-to-use, it is also full of benefits that enable end-users to make smart business decisions. SAP spends more than €1,000,000 each year on research and development to ensure that solution portfolios meet current and future specific needs in different industries. Maringo is distributed internationally and is available in different languages.

MARINGO Computers is one of the leading SAP Channel Partners in the SAP Business One environment in Germany. MARINGO Computers was founded in 1986 in Cologne (Germany) and specializes in the development and sale of business software solutions. In order to distribute ProjectManagement also in the US market a branch office was founded in New York.

Entire Workflow
ProjectManagement handles the entire workflow from proposal management and project planning, data recording and data clearance to posting. Since one single system is used to manage data, all authorized persons have access to the critical information they need.
Web Client
The Web Client is a comprehensive information tool used to entertain and access data concerning customers, employees, and projects. It is always available in any location, anytime.
Sophisticated Project Planning
ProjectManagement allows for the creation of different planning versions which are created by the users and can be updated or compared depending on the project’s status. Different planning methods like GANTT Planning and Period Planning allow users to update the project. The different planning types give project managers a multi-dimensional view of their projects.
Travel Expenses Accounting
ProjectManagement assists the user in creating detailed travel expenses which is normally a time-consuming process for the accounting department. Travel expenses are recorded in the Web Client for the standard systems by the employees or by specifically authorized users. Costs can either be charged to the customer or can only be accounted for internally by the employee.
Role-Based Access Rights
Keeping data centrally could create some risks because not all users should have access to data or should be able to edit it. ProjectManagament includes a sophisticated access right system based on the employee’s role or field of duty within the company. The access right system can be easily tailored to individual needs.
Management Information System
ProjectManagement provides powerful controlling and reporting tools to ensure access to official information. Authorized users can select any report and personalize the layout for printing.
Inter-Company and Intra-Company Distribution
ProjectManagement supports two types of internal distribution. It enables to distribute amounts between profits centers or between branches or branch offices of the company.
Work in Progress
Rendered services often cannot be charged to the customer at the end of the month because it has been contractually agreed that work will be invoiced upon phase or project completion. ProjectManagement enables users to monthly evaluate the inventory of work in progress based on the incurred costs and to post inventory changes accordingly.
Web-based Support Desk
The Support Desk is a web-based tool that allows managing the entire workflow of support calls from request and request handling to the successful close. Customers or employees enter requests in the Support Desk and the one handling all the documents will take the steps concerning the request. When a request has been successfully closed, the customer can be invoiced if applicable.

– Uniform User Interface
– One-Time Data Entry
– Solid Ground for Decision-Making
– Complete Overview
– Enhanced Customer Relationship
– Simple Maintenance
– Reduced Learning Curve
– Cost Reduction
– Worldwide Support
– Secure Investment