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3-in-1 Thin Client Kit for virtual desktops


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Provides a Simple, Powerful, and Affordable PC Expansion Alternative
The M300 provides a simple, powerful and affordable PC Expansion alternative. As the industry’s first 3-in-1 thin client offering, the M300 delivers a rich PC experience at 1/3 the cost of PCs and typical thin clients. With this breakthrough, NComputing uniquely delivers innovation that multiplies the value customers can expect from thin clients in a virtual desktop environment. It provides superior graphics and full screen video streaming capabilities, USB support, the highest number of users per host PC, and Ethernet connectivity—all at a very affordable price. The economics improve even more with no annual license fees, multiple users on a single LAN port and with a single power plug, and vSpace® Server’s inherent ability to run multiple users on a single operating system or within a single hypervisor. Across the board, an M300 deployment provides a superior PC alternative that reduces acquisition, deployment, and management costs. The M300 is ideal for workgroup computing: classrooms, computer labs, training rooms, libraries and small business.

Up to 45 users per host
Fewer PCs to manage equals lower computing costs per user.

Ethernet Connection
Get connected at a distance. Classrooms, labs or offices can connect at greater distances through the local LAN

Powered by Numo 2 SoC
Provides PC-quality full screen video streaming. The second generation Numo device provides video streaming, full screen.

USB Support
Each device includes one USB 2.0 for peripheral support and two USB ports for mouse and keyboard.

  • Each M300 kit includes 3 client devices*
  • Share one PC with up to 45 users
  • Ethernet Connected
  • Powered by Numo
  • USB keyboard and mouse
  • USB 2.0 peripheral support
  • Microphone & Audio out
  • Energy-efficient (typically 2 watts per user)
  • Slash PC hardware and support costs by up to 75%
  • Powerful vSpace® Server desktop virtualization software included
  • Easy to set up, maintain, manage and secure
  • Compact and reliable (no fans or disks)
  • Remote management
Simple, Powerful, and Affordable

NComputing’s M300-based virtual desktop solution was built to be simple to deploy, operate, and manage. For most customers, an M300 environment should take just hours to deploy; other VDI solutions can take days or longer. All hardware, software, and protocol components were architected to work together, to operate seamlessly, and to be managed by either IT professionals or by those with less IT experience. The M300, like all NComputing client devices, are stateless, robust, solid-state devices that include automatic updates and work with standard operating systems and applications.

It was built to provide a high-quality multimedia desktop PC experience in a highly efficient and powerful footprint, driven by the innovative NComputing Numo System-on- Chip (SoC) and the vSpace Server software. The Numo SoC is designed specifically for thin client computing, enabling a high performance user experience with standard Windows or Linux releases. The vSpace Server software enables up to 45 users to be hosted on a single operating system instance and on a single host PC. Software applications run simultaneously and independently on each virtual desktop and users don’t even know that they are sharing a PC. And the power extends to manageability with easy centralized control and deployment of session profiles.

With the power and 3-in-1 capability of the M300 thin-client and the improved scalability of the vSpace Server software, customers can drive reduce cost per seat, in management overhead, and in required network and server infrastructure. With the M300, customers easily lower cost of acquisition by 75%, energy costs by as much as 90%, networking costs by 67% and support costs by up to 75%—with no compromise in the quality of the computing experience for users. NComputing devices are also architected and built to be green: they have no moving parts, no fans and use only a few watts per user. Overall, IT budgets go further with NComputing.


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