Sensormatic AMS 1150

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Controlling shoplifting and maintaining an aesthetically pleasing shopping environment is critical to the success of independent retail businesses. Tyco Retail Solutions’ Essentials solution features the fundamental Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) components necessary for the value conscious retailer addressing shoplifting, while preserving their bottom-line.
The Sensormatic AMS-1150 Detection System, the newest addition to our Essentials suite, offers a transparent modern design that blends seamlessly into a variety of retail formats, while providing a strong visual deterrent against theft.
Featuring our premier Ultra•Max technology, the AMS-1150 is fully compatible with our suite of Essentials products including: an array of tag and label options for protecting a wide selection of items from apparel to accessories and low-profile deactivators to enhance throughput at the front end.
Preserving store aesthetics and maximizing customer flow, the Sensormatic AMS-1150 is the right detection system for the value conscious retailer in any retail setting
• Delivers the proven high performance Ultra
• Max EAS technology with a sleek modern design.
• Advanced detection technology helps ensure performance in high noise environments.
• High grade, durable acrylic will not yellow or become cloudy over time, preserving store aesthetics.
• Acrylic maintains a straight edge form, providing a transparent look when viewed from any angle. Does not require side supports as found in many other pedestal systems.
• Self-contained power supply located in the base of the primary pedestal eliminates the need for an external controller.
• Offers a blue (standard) or a red illumination scheme.
• Uses less than 50W of energy per hour, resulting in lower energy costs and supporting environmental initiatives.

• The transparent modern design complements virtually any store setting.
• Each pedestal fully illuminates to provide visual notification of an alarm event.
• Integrated audible alarm in the base of the primary pedestal provides notification of events.
• Superb shoplifting coverage of up to 1.5m (5ft) for unobstructed coverage of double door entrances.
• Electronics contained within the base of the primary pedestal, reduces install and maintenance costs.
• Standard “tags-too-close” feature provides easy management of store front.
• Service connection port in the base of each pedestal allows remote system service access, reducing in-store service costs