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Quick Overview

Automate Processes with All in One Integrated Institute Management System of record for the global education market. Skolaro is cloud based, integrated knowledge platform. (Collaboration, Data Analytics and Machine Learning) Our applications are divided into following sets:

  • Administrative
  • Academic
  • Learning Management
  • Financial Applications
  • Communicative and Mobile application for IOS and Android (optional)


Administrative Applications
These are generally the back office applications that are needed to run the processes of the school. These applications are listed below:

  • Student Management
  • Registration and admissions management
  • Staff Management
  • Student Attendance Management
  • Library Management
  • Inventory Management

Academic Applications
These applications pertain to the classroom and the students

  • Creation of Classes/Groups
  • Assessment Application
  • Grade Book
  • Result Generation

Learning Management Applications
These applications are used to collaborate in learning groups

  • Create Groups

Financial Applications
Buzzyears boasts of some financial applications as listed below:

  • Fee Collection
  • Payroll Management

Communicative and Mobile IOS and Android (optional)
These applications are used to communicate One on One or in Groups:

  • SMS gateway Integration
  • Payment gateway Integration
  • Messaging Platform
  • Alerts and Notifications
  • Mobile App for IOS and Android
  • The collaboration
  • Daily student and attendance
  • Daily notifications to Parents