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Quick Overview

With uPointer, you’ll never find yourself squinting to find your cursor again – uPointer will mark your cursor so you can concentrate on your work.


Convert any projector to an interactive whiteboard! U-Pointer is an Interactive Whiteboard that adopts an image process technology. It captures U-Pointer Pen’s movement on display and analyzes the movement.

Record your interactive lectures with audio/video & play it at wall, draw on the surface electronically, change the colors of your pen, change the size of your pen, save your work.

Take U-Pointer with you wherever you go, unlike conventional whiteboards or other portable systems, it can be packed away and set up again in minutes.

Available any size or type of display
Support free size up to 150 inches of display with accurate performance

Accurate Pen Work
Capable of writing 20 font size letters on a display

Multi Writing
Maximum of 10 users can write simultaneously and each user can control interactive whiteboard

Auto Calibration
Makes accuracy higher as calibration is done automatically

Easy and Simple Installation
Can be mounted to any places such as tables, ceilings, and inside rear projection display