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Join our growing family. We pride ourselves as the company that provides excellent training programs to enable and empower its employees – whether they are just starting out or switching to a new position.

Mustard Seed’s Internship Program provides the opportunity for graduating students to gain experience and hands-on training with on-going live projects. The internship program is specifically designed to enhance students’ skills and make it more relevant to the ever-changing needs of the industry – so they can be job-ready. We provide a learning experience for every student, regardless of their course, for they will be assigned to different departments such as: HR, Marketing, Sales, Technical, Customer Support, Warehouse & Purchasing, and Engineering.

Mustard Seed’s Internship Program offers students a chance to:
  • Work in one of the leading companies in the IT industry
  • Work collaboratively with seasoned professionals
  • Gain a deeper understanding of software, hardware, and cloud solutions and the impact of the services Mustard Seed offers to businesses in the Philippines
  • Contribute to MSSC’s business development through research outputs
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