Next-Generation IT Service and Asset Management

Get a 360-degree view of your IT landscape to make informed decisions, avoid risks and problems, and deliver exceptional service.

Empower Users with Self-Service

Give users the ability to find answers and fix problems on their own with a personalized, self-service portal. Allow them to submit service requests, check the status of incidents, and access knowledge articles.

Unified Platform to Manage Everything

Manage your IT operations under a unified platform, including software assets, IT and non-IT hardware assets, configurations, and compliance. Achieve new levels of efficiency and effectiveness in your IT operations.

Improve Service Experience Every Time

Resolve issues faster with built-in intelligence that automatically suggests solutions based on similar incidents. Engage proactively from the first point of contact through case closure and deliver exceptional service.

Asset Management for the Modern Organization

Keeping track of and managing your company’s assets can be difficult, especially if you have many assets. Maintaining a detailed list of your company’s assets is tedious, time-consuming, and easy to overlook. Asset tracking is a critical part of any business, but it can be challenging without the right tools. 

Symphony SummitAI provides an easy-to-use platform that helps you automate the process of tracking your assets. With its built-in intelligent scanning feature, you’ll have a complete view of the ownership of all your company’s IT and non-IT assets at all times. Plus, the platform follows ITIL/IMAC guidelines for disposing or de-commissioning assets.

Symphony SummitAI Asset Management Features

Asset Lifecycle Management

It provides the latest data on software licenses. It computes software usage and licensing based on on-premise and cloud environments. It shows compliance risks, asset usage, and ways to optimize expenses without adding risk.

Asset Compliance Management

Whitelisting and blacklisting ensures that only permitted programs can access your data, and automated patch management secures your network. Automate alerts or updates to fix vulnerabilities faster. Real-time reporting can show over 200 parameters.

IT Asset Discovery

Detects and manages your IT infrastructure, giving you complete control and insight. Agentless discovery works in low- or no-bandwidth settings. Plus, all data are centralized for in-depth analysis.

Hardware Asset Management

Tracking and reporting assets are easier. Automating planning, cost accounting, and security monitoring operations improves hardware use and minimizes wasteful purchases. It identifies unapproved hardware devices, updates, and additions.

Software Asset Management

Active directory, agent-less IP subnet discovery, and agent-based scanning provide a real-time, holistic view of application licensing and use across your network. Automated compliance reports help you avoid licensing penalties.

Hardware Asset Management

Tracking and reporting assets are easier. Automating planning, cost accounting, and security monitoring operations improves hardware use and minimizes wasteful purchases. It identifies unapproved hardware devices, updates, and additions.

IT Service Management

Improving service levels and productivity is hard when juggling multiple tools. It takes a lot of time and effort to learn, configure, and use them correctly and effectively.

Symphony SummitAI is a comprehensive IT Service Management solution that will help you improve service levels and productivity across your organization. Its tight integration of Change, Incident, Problem, and Service Request Management processes around a standard Configuration Management Database (CMDB) provides a highly efficient, effective, and dynamic mechanism for managing your IT services.

Symphony SummitAI Service Management Features

One Platform for All Your Clients or Departments

A multi-tenant architecture makes it easy to scale ITSM for numerous clients or departments. SaaS providers can give more efficient service and support by monitoring and administering only one platform.

Omni-Channel Support

Ask for support in different ways: on the web, through CINDE, on a mobile app, by email, SMS, or by phone. The choice is yours. The system will automatically route the request to the right team or individual.

Design Forms Easily (No Code)

SummitAI's compact form templates provide all essential fields. Its dropdown controls can have advanced properties and dependencies. For a customized form you can add sections, fields, or validation rules without coding.

Coexist in a Single Application With Several Domains

SummitAI permits several domains inside a single application, allowing isolated user environments to coexist. Large enterprises can create a global domain, and each subsidiary can have its own domain with complete data and configuration isolation.

Communicate Through Different Channels

Send alerts to users instantly or schedule them for a later date via email, SMS, or bulletin board in the Service Portal. Select the correct audience based on group membership or custom email IDs and mobile phone numbers.

Standardize Communication With Notification Templates

Automatically update and send ticket status to users and technicians. Set up notification templates for incidents, service requests, changes, etc. These templates standardize communication and eliminate redundancy.

Automatically Gather And Assess End-User Feedback

Get user feedback after ticket resolution using CSAT. Managers may use customer feedback to evaluate the service desk's performance. Surveys on various metrics can also be designed and sent periodically to a group of users.

Full Suite Of Integrated Capabilities

It supports cloud or on-premise. It's fully connected with standard data sets for IT service management, asset management, and operations management for complete reporting and analytics control.

Scale Operational Intelligence

Its built-in intelligence recommends knowledge articles to incidents. It boosts first-call resolution rates resulting in a 20% annual saving on IT help desk operations and up to 45% on the total cost of ownership.

Improve Service With Greater Automation

It automates repetitive and tedious operations. To resolve technical issues, users can interact through CINDE (Conversational Interface and Decisioning Engine). CINDE understands the intent of a service request and provides tailored replies.

Run Anywhere And How You Need It

The service management platform is built on Microsoft technologies and runs on Azure. It offers you the ability to quickly deploy and manage the service desk in the cloud or on-premises.

Work With The Language Of Your Choice

It has multi-language support. Content and forms automatically adapt to the user's language. Edit translations easily in the admin interface or add them in the glossary to avoid translating similar content multiple times.

Supports HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Adapt the Service Portal's appearance to your brand guidelines. The platform supports HTML, CSS, and JavaScript out of the box. Use these technologies to customize the portal's look and feel.

Gamify Rewards and Recognitions

Create a fun work environment and motivate technicians—award bonus points and badges based on client satisfaction or faster problem resolution. You can also reward points based on more than 100 criteria.