Business Solutions

Here at Mustard Seed Systems Corporation, we do not only offer excellent customer service, we also provide our clients nationwide with an extensive line of award-winning business solutions from some of the world’s leading brands.

A Wide Range of Products for Every Step of Your Growth

We are at the forefront of providing key solutions to your business. We provide market-competent products which empower you to streamline every aspect of your operations, without the additional cost.

Business Management Solutions

Mustard Seed Systems Corporation offers best-in-class suite of software, hardware, and cloud solutions appropriate for every stage of business growth – from financial operations to forecasting and business intelligence tools that help you make informed decisions.

Building Technology Solutions

Advance your safety and security levels up a notch with products from the world’s biggest names in asset protection. We provide sustainable and competitive equipment that today’s technology has to offer – improving your building’s infrastructure and keeping your people out of harm’s way.

Human Resource Management Solutions

Your workforce is an indispensable component to your business’ success. Engage employees to improve their performance, and take care of their compensation and benefits. You can also give them a convenient option for filing leaves, OTs, and OBs through our Web Portal feature.

Cloud and IT Solutions

Increase capacity, scalability, and functionality for your growing business with our cutting-edge cloud and IT solutions. Protect all your business data from threats and malware attacks or have the option to go fully cloud-based to reduce maintenance costs and capital expenditure. With our solutions, you can access your business anytime, anywhere and do everything from software analysis to system development and project execution.

Education Technology Solutions

Promote interactive learning and creativity with sophisticated technology that helps hone your skill and reach your highest potential. Improve your students’ pace of understanding through advanced digital equipment from projectors to classroom management software and printer.

Furniture & Design

We are also the exclusive partner of Zheijang Kano-cn Office Furniture here in the Philippines – known as the leading office space solutions provider for millions of businesses worldwide.