You are currently viewing 25 Years Strong: Mustard Seed Systems Corporation Reaffirms Dominance as 2024 Growth Champion

25 Years Strong: Mustard Seed Systems Corporation Reaffirms Dominance as 2024 Growth Champion

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Mustard Seed Systems Corporation (MSSC) is marking its 25th anniversary milestone with yet another prestigious accolade, retaining its status as one of the Growth Champions for 2024. This momentous achievement not only signifies the company’s unwavering dedication, but also serves as a testament to its resilience and commitment to continuous growth.

Founded with humble beginnings, MSSC initially carved its niche in the market with a focus on on-premise software solutions for SMEs. However, the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic precipitated a transformative shift in its operations. It ushered in a new set of challenges compelling the company to re-evaluate its operational strategies. This pivotal moment forced them to embrace emerging technologies, particularly cloud computing for business continuity. This change was not without challenges yet it also presented an invaluable opportunity for the company to evolve and expand its horizons. Recognizing the cloud’s inherent advantages, Mustard Seed zealously championed the benefits to its valued clientele, drawing from their firsthand experience.

Leveraging this new found expertise, the organization advocated for the adoption of cloud-based solutions which strongly demonstrates the company’s adaptability and steadfastness to delivering cutting-edge solutions tailored to the evolving needs of the modern business landscape.

It is this ethos of innovation, and openness to learning and change, that has propelled Mustard Seed to the forefront as an industry leader. For decades, MSSC has been known as a provider of comprehensive financial management software such as QuickBooks and Xero. In keeping with this relentless pursuit for world-class business solutions, the company has introduced a suite of new products designed to empower businesses with greater efficiency, agility, and scalability. Among these offerings is Microsoft Business Central, a powerful cloud-based ERP software which is now augmented by the power of AI through Copilot. Designed for small and medium businesses, it revolutionizes the way organizations manage their day-to-day operations - from finance, manufacturing, sales and more, enabling them to work smarter. Additionally, MSSC has launched PayrollPlus, a cloud-based, localized payroll and HRIS solution, made to the unique requirements of Philippine businesses. It’s an end-to-end, user-friendly platform for managing payroll, benefits, employee data, timesheets, and more - streamlining HR processes across all departments.

With 25 years of experience, it is with no doubt that Mustard Seed possesses a deep understanding of the SME business landscape. Aside from its new offerings, the company has an extensive range of Building Technology Solutions such as Fire Alarm Systems, Entrance Access Control, and Office Furniture to safeguard their customers’ assets and create functional, and conducive work spaces.

In addition to its ever expanding product offerings, Mustard Seed Systems Corporation is also expanding its physical presence. The company is set to open a new branch in Zamboanga in March of this year, in addition to its 10 strategic locations including Manila, Cebu, Davao, Bacolod, Iloilo, Cagayan de Oro, Cavite, Naga, Dagupan, and an international branch in Hong Kong. This expansion only signifies their aim to improve accessibility and customer convenience, while fostering enduring partnerships with their partners far and wide.

At the heart of Mustard Seed’s success story and remarkable journey is the unwavering trust of its 25,000+ corporate clients. The company would like to express their gratitude to its loyal customer base, and acknowledge their support which has been instrumental to MSSC’s journey over the past 25 years. As Mustard Seed looks toward the future with a renewed sense of purpose, it remains steadfast to its vision, and is poised to continue its legacy of growth and excellence.

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